Reformists, decouplists, and activists: A typology of ecocentric management
Author: Mauricio Hernández, Pablo Muñoz

Ecocentric management has grown in interest in business sustainability research, driven by recent debates on sustainability-as-flourishing and novel nature-based business approaches. While relevant and promising, examination and explanations remain anchored in conventional dualistic thinking and piecemeal logics. In this article, we seek to understand what conditions or combination of conditions enable the formation of ecocentrism in business management. Drawing on deep ecology and ecocentric philosophy, we develop a conceptual framework for ecocentric management, comprising ecological sensing, envisioning, and enacting. Leveraging this framework and fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis, we map the responses of 160 small business owners and managers in Chile. Our analyses reveal three configurations of conditions, forming a typology of ecocentric management: Market Reformist, Legitimated Decouplist, and Self-Centered Activist. The article offers a new conceptual apparatus and systemic characterization of ecocentrism in business sustainability. It shows what matters and when for the formation of ecocentric thinking and decision-making in management.

Author: Mauricio Hernández, Pablo Muñoz
Year of Publication: 2021
Journal Title: Organizatión & Environment
Keywords: Ecocentrism | deep ecology | typology | nature-based management | configurational analysis | Chile
Corresponding Author: Pablo Muñoz,